Iranian Christians supported Palestinians` resistance

Siboh Sarkisian, archbishop of the Armenian Diocese of Tehran, supported Palestinians` resistance.

Religions News Agency(REDNA) reported Archbishop Sarkisian at the press conference of religious leaders of “Jewish, Christians Armenians, Assyrians” and religious minorities` representatives in Iranian parliament held in Tehran a while ago announced Christian Iranians support Palestine resistance.

Attendees of the conference titled “Condemnation of Crimes of Israel Occupier Regime” also strongly condemned Israel attacks to Orthodox church in Gaza.

“The Middle East has experienced some horrible events since Israel was established in 1948. Now, we live in a turbulent world.” Archbishop Sarkisian added

He said:” The Middle East is in crisis, all Middle East countries` efforts for regional peace have failed.”

Archbishop Sarkisian hoped the region a constructive dialogue.

“Christians community in Iran stand with Palestinians on their way achieve their absolute rights. At the Asian Churches`s assembly held in India three weeks ago, two Christian representatives attended from Iran. They informed the assembly and condemned Israel`s air strikes.” he added

Archbishop Sarkisian said:”The world lacks enough justice, achieving senior goals require collective efforts, Armenians of Karabagh, during the recent war, faced with the world community`s silence but the only personality who wisely defended the Armenians` rights was the Great Ayatollah Khamanei, the great supreme leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran.”


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