Christian pastors: Iran’s attack on Israel was a fulfillment of Bible prophecy

RELIGIONS NEWS AGENCY (REDNA) – Evangelist and pastor Greg Laurie says he believes Iran’s unprecedented attack on Israel last week was a fulfillment of Biblical prophecy.

As CBN News reported the attacks shocked people around the world as it was the first time Iran has ever directly attacked Israel.

Laurie points out the chaos brewing in the Middle East is a marker of the End Times, or a period in Biblical eschatology that signals the second coming of Jesus Christ.

“I do believe the attack of Iran on Israel was a fulfillment of Bible prophecy,” Laurie explained on “A sign of the end times, according to Scripture, is the Jewish people will be regathered together in their homeland… That was not just a sign, that was a super sign.”

The Harvest pastor and other Bible scholars have pointed out that when the modern state of Israel was officially reestablished in 1948, “the prophetic time clock began to tick.”

Laurie adds now, more than 76 years later, the attack on Israel can also be found in scripture.

“The Bible had more to say. Not only will the Jews be regathered together in their homeland, but they will be increasingly isolated. That’s happening,” he explained.

“The Bible also predicted the rise of antisemitism in the end times. That is happening. The Bible also predicts a large nation to the north of Israel, identified in Ezekiel as Magog, will attack her. That has not yet happened. Many scholars believe that Magog is a reference to modern-day Russia. I concur with that view, but no one can say with absolute certainty.”

“But this we can say with certainty: One of the allies of Russia will be Persia. Persia was the (biblical) name of Iran. They changed their name in 1935. Therefore, Persia, or Iran, attacking Israel is predicted in the Bible. And guess what? That just happened,” Laurie continued.

As CBN News reported, Laurie is not the only Bible teacher to point out that the Scriptures serve as a timeline for what is taking place in Israel.

Best-selling author Jonathan Cahn recently revealed that a Biblical mystery from the Old Testament foretold of the Hamas invasion of Israel that took place on October 7.

The U.S.-based Messianic Jewish minister shared on YouTube that the night before the invasion he felt led to share God’s instructions to Moses about the Jubilee noted in Leviticus 25:8-11.

Cahn claims this “ancient mystery” shared with Moses over 3,000 years ago serves as a roadmap to how God restored Israel to be the nation it is today.

He added this timeline also predicted a time when Israel would face major opposition.

“When Hamas planned out that day, they were not reading Leviticus or studying the Jubilee…they were led by dark spiritual forces. The same forces that have been trying to wipe out the Jewish people from the face of the earth for 4,000 years,” Cahn continued.

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