Muslim leaders in Australia: Goverment counter-terrorism raids target specific communities

RELIGIONS NEWS AGENCY (REDNA) – Representatives of the Australian Muslim community have called out what they called “questionable law enforcement tactics”.

Guardian reported during the Australian counter terrorism raids seven minors were arrested and six of them charged with counter-terrorism-related offences this week.

Three major bodies, the Australian National Imams Council, the Alliance of Australian Muslims and the Australian Muslim Advocacy Network, have also demanded the government revise Australia’scounter-terrorism laws, saying they “target specific communities”.

The NSW joint counter-terrorism team executed 13 search warrants on Wednesday that resulted in the arrest of seven teenagers described as “associates” of a 16-year-old who allegedly stabbed a bishop at a church in Wakeley last week.

The seventh teenager has been released.

Lawyer and adviser to the Australian National Imam’s Council, Ramia Abdo-Sultan, said the Muslim leaders demanded that government and law enforcement agencies commit to an immediate and thorough inquiry into the processes leading up to the raids, ensuring transparency and accountability.

The Muslim organisations said they were not consulted before the raids, and questioned the process that led to the arrest and charging of the teenagers, including providing “advanced media notifications” of the raids.

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