Ordibeheshtegan feast/happy the celebration of Ahura’s fire (1)

Ordibeheshtagan as a famous ancient feast is celebrated by Iranians’ Zoroastrian on 2nd Ordibehesht(April) annually in Zoroastrian-populated cities and areas in Iran.

According to Religions News Agency(REDNA) social service Ordibeheshtegan feast,in fact, is celebrating unity among whole Iranians.  As Zoroastrian calender says the third day of every months is called Ordibehesht so the third of Ordibehesht named Ordibeheshtegan. Ordibeheshtegan feast is also called as Golestan festival. Ordibehestegan feast, as contemparary calender has marked, is celebrated on 2nd Ordibehesht.

Ancient Festivals in Iran

“Nowruz, Mehrgan, Fire festivals, Gahanbars and Farwardagan festivals” are the important ancient festivals in Iranians. Each festival is celebrated with its own customs and traditions. Among these festivals, Nowruz and Mehrgan are the most important ones. The seasonal festivals, called Gahambars (meaning “proper season”), occur six times a year. Gahanbar is named after the six days during which God created the univers. “God created the univers in six Gahanbar(seasons)” Avesta has quoated Zarathustra as saying 

12 Other Annual Ancient Festivals

1. “ Farvardingan (19th of Farvardin, The Dayay of Farvardin)
2. Ardibeheshtgan (3rd of Ordibehesht, Day of Ordibehesht)
3. Khordadgan (6th of Khordad, Day of Khordad)
4. Tirgan (13th of Tir, Day of Tir)
5. Amordadagan (7th of Mordad, Amordad Day) 
6. Shahrivargan (4th of Shahrivar, Day of Shahrivar)
7. Mehrgan (16th of Mehr, Day of Mehr)
8. Abangan (10th of Aban, Day of Aban)
9. Azargan (9th of Azar, Azar Day)
10. Khorram Rooz (1st of Day, Harmuzd Day)
11. Bahmangan (2nd of Bahman, Day of Bahman)
12. Esfandgan(5th of Esfand, Sepandarmaz)


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