Inter-faith reconcilation leads to inter-nations’ peace

“Interfaith reconcilations brings internations’ peace”the Monmouth professor of philosophy and religious studies said at his recent speech quoting the christian priest and theologian Hans Kong, who once Pope had desribed as apostate, as saying

Speaking at the latest interfathis’ assembly held in April, he added:” This is briefly what has brougt all of us together in this interfaiths’ diologue. Today we all are in an urgent need of collective interfaiths’ reconcilations and peace in general and  peace among the followers of Abrahamic religions in particular.”

As Religions News Agency (REDNA) exclusive social service reported “One to create a higher level of undrestanding one needs to assemble people of various religious faiths” was the reason behind the special event hosted by Monmouth university,New Jersey, USA, in April 25th 2024.

At 7:00 PM on April 25, the interfaiths’ diologue had invited “priest John Huxtable, the priest of Monmouth College, Rabbi Johnny Bonde, Rabbi of the Jewish Synagogue, and Imam Bashir Jahicheh, the religious director of the university’s Islamic Center” as the three local religious leaders.

Inagurating the dialogue, the Monmouth professor of philosophy and religious studies quoted Hans Kong as saying

Hans Kong, the the catholic priest and theologian, believes peace will be established among nations after interfaiths’ reconcilation is existed. Interfaiths’ dialogue leads to interfaiths’ reconcilation and peace.  

Having read the quote, I thought if the seminar tasked with gaining interfaiths’ coexistance and sympathy throught interfaiths’ dialogue had had the quote as it’s title, it would be a lot more effective. The aim of our event is exactly in accordance with the target already made: let the people get to know other faiths to recognize what “christianity, Judaism and Islam have in commone. The Abrahamic folowers are more similar to each other than they are different.

Speach makers in “Interfaiths’ Dialogue: Building Peace Bridges through Inter Abrahamic Faiths’Technology and Art” seminar held at above college emphasised on importance of the key role dialogue and mutual undrestanding among faiths, tecnology and art can play in bringing peaceful coexistance and peace.

“Using digital capabilities and potentials to hold interfaiths’ joint workshops and webinars as well as creating interfaiths’ joint art works based on unity makers’ concepts” surely leads to desirable goals among various religions” said the senior members of the seminar holders.

As the most influential scientific and educational center in New Jersey, US, the university highly values interfaiths’ dialogues through prominent figures and universities that have worldwide inter Abrahamic coexistance and sympathy as their valued goals. A good example is “the University of Religions and Denominations” as symbol of interfaiths’ unity.

Mohammad Panahzadeh


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