New poll: Hamas not committed murder and rape in Israel on 7 October

RELIGIONS NEWS AGENCY (REDNA) – A poll of 1,000 British Muslims revealed that only one in four believe Hamas committed murder and rape in Israel on 7 October and 46 per cent lean towards or support Hamas.

The poll commissioned by the Henry Jackson Society and conducted by JL Partners and included a parallel survey of 2,013 members of the general public – the data is published here.

Questions were wide ranging covering opinions on Israel / Palestine, tropes about Jews, attitudes towards Palestinian groups and how people will vote in a general election.

In a Twitter/X Thread critique, Sunder Katwala, Director of British Future, said the results “reflect real grounds for concern about the reach of extreme and prejudiced views.

However, these also reflect dubious HJS framing and fishing to amplify/exaggerate Hamas support among British Muslims”. Al Hakam, the website of the Ahmadiyya Muslim community in Britain, said it was “a clear Islamophobic hit-piece, designed to label British Muslims as Jew-hating extremists”.

It said news reports failed to mention the poll’s data showing the level of public distrust of Israel.

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