Jesuits: situation in Gaza unacceptable, scandalous and shameful

RELIGIONS NEWS AGENCY (REDNA) – Jesuits in Britain said it is unacceptable that no one has been able to stop the killing in Gaza.

The have issued a statement on the continuing war in Gaza adding scandalous that no one has been able to ensure that the residents of Gaza have enough to eat and shameful that no one has been able to call the warmongers to account.

The “ongoing conflict in the land called to be holy has been allowed to continue and fester as an open wound on the face of the Middle East”. The statement says that the Jesuits refuse to be silent.

“Engaged for decades in the communities and societies of the Middle East, we, as Jesuits, want to say that it need not be this way.

The choice of death over life, vengeance over reconciliation, wrongdoing over justice, self-interest over relationship, violence over dialogue is a choice and not fated destiny.

There are other choices that could be made”.

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