Quran-burning Iraqi man facing an expulsion order from Sweden plans to seek asylum in Norway

RELIGION NEWS AGENCY (REDNA) – This is while Momika has faced a deportation order by authorities in Stockholm.

AP reported Salwan Momika, 37, has staged several burnings and desecrations of the sacred book of Islam in Sweden over the past few years.

“I am on my way to Norway,” Momika said in an interview published Wednesday by Swedish tabloid Expressen. “Sweden only accepts terrorists who are granted asylum and given protection, while philosophers and thinkers are expelled.”

Videos of Momika’s provocative Quran burnings got worldwide publicity and raised anger and criticism in several Muslim nations, leading to riots and unrest in many places.

He is currently being investigated by Swedish authorities for incitement against ethnic groups in Sweden.

According to Expressen, Momika is one of the reasons why Sweden’s NATO membership, which was finalized earlier this month, got delayed by months. Among other countries, his actions got wide publicity in NATO member Turkey, which vetoed Stockholm’s bid to join the military alliance for a lengthy period.

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