England announces new definition of extremism

RELIGIONS NEWS AGENCY(REDNA) – Based on the new definition of extremism announced by the government in England five groups have been listed to be assessed.

The Commons reported the British communities Secretary Michael Gove has announced a new definition of extremism which will block groups from government funding and engagement.
The definition says:”Extremism is “the promotion or advancement of an ideology based on violence, hatred or intolerance, that aims to: 1. negate or destroy the fundamental rights and freedoms of others; or 2. undermine, overturn or replace the UK’s system of liberal parliamentary democracy and democratic rights; or 3. intentionally create a permissive environment for others to achieve the results in (1) or (2)””.

Mr Gove said  that five groups have already been listed to be assessed by a “counter-extremism centre of excellence” within the Department of Levelling Up, Housing and Communities.

Three were included for their Islamist orientation and views: the Muslim Association of Britain, Cage and MEND (Muslim Engagement and Development).

A further two promote Neo-Nazi ideology, the British National Socialist Movement and Patriotic Alternative. He said “Our definition will not affect gender-critical campaigners, those with conservative religious beliefs, trans activists, environmental protest groups, or those exercising their proper right to free speech”.

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