Super Pope cartoon appeared on building near Vatican illustrates

RELIGIONS NEWS AGENCY (REDNA) – The Italian street artist Maupal, Mauro Pallotta, who has depicted Pope Francis as a cartoon “Super Pope”, has designed a series of posters to illustrate Francis’ 2024 Lenten message.

He urged the faithful to let go of hopelessness and find inner freedom.

The posters will be released weekly and the first came out yesterday showing the Pope walking through a desert field of upturned nails, hauling a wheelbarrow with a heavy sack named “Faith”, portraying a message that the path to freedom is through the desert.

Maupal’s “Super Pope” image appeared on buildings of the Borgo Pio neighbourhood near the Vatican, but he has been brought into the fold and appeared yesterday at a Vatican press conference seated next to one of the Pope’s closest advisers.

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