European faith leaders: Israel Gaza war had impacts on Muslims and Jews

 RELIGIONS NEWS AGENCY (REDNA) –Faith leaders in Europe highlighted how interfaith relations have been impacted by the war in Israel / Gaza.

Hyphen Online reported the leaders from Spain, Germany and Sweden,  spoke of the rise in hate crime and increased security at places of worship.

Scharjil Khalid, Imam of Khadija Mosque in Berlin, said they held an inter-religious peace prayer by the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin three days after the Hamas attack but there was little media interest.

The many positive things being done, especially interfaith programmes, were not well reported.

Maxo Benalal, secretary general of the Federation of Jewish Communities of Spain, said there was a positive relationship between different faiths but stressed that the conflict was not a religious or interfaith problem, but a problem between Israel and a terrorist group.

Yasri Khan, secretary general of Swedish Muslims for Peace and Justice, said there was a project in southern Sweden between Muslims and Jews called “Amanah”, but it broke apart as a consequence of the conflict.

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