Jewish rally in the UK called for ceasefire in Gaza  

RELIGIONS NEWS AGENCY (REDNA) –  Na’amod UK, an organisation of Jews in the UK seeking to end “support for Israel’s occupation and apartheid, and to mobilise it in the struggle for freedom, equality and justice for all Palestinians and Israelis” held a ceasefire rally in London.

It said 800 people attended, which made it the largest Jewish-led ceasefire rally in UK history.

In a statement published on Twitter / X, Na’amod says it has “watched with heartbreak and outrage as innocent men, women and children in Gaza are massacred, displaced, and struggle to survive a humanitarian crisis of devastating proportions under Israeli bombardments and siege”, following Hamas’s horrifying massacres and hostage-taking.

It says the Israeli government is prioritizing a campaign of “murderous retribution” over the return of the hostages who should be unconditionally released and it backs Israeli families’ demands for a hostage deal to hasten their return.


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