Pro-Palestine protest in Australia/ Israel another Nazi Germany

RELIGIONS NEWS AGENCY (REDNA) – Protesters in pro-Palestine rally in cities of Sydney and Melbourne compared the Jewish state to Nazi Germany.

Daily mail reported the protesters on Sunday’s anti-Israel rally put on confronting displays of fake bloodied corpses.

The Sydney rally, organised by the Palestine Action Group Sydney demanded an end to what it called Israel’s ‘massacre’ in the Gaza.

‘We need everyone to help us spread the word and convince more and more people to take a stand and fight to stop this genocide,’ the group said on Facebook.

In Melbourne, the marchers gathered at the State Library.

‘Israel has pounded the Gaza Strip for over a month. Thousands of Palestinian men, women and children have been killed, and thousands more are injured,’ Free Palestine Melbourne said on Facebook.

‘All this is a continuation, in horribly escalated form, of the 75 years of war that Israel has waged on the Palestinian people, including 16 years of brutal siege on Gaza.’

Rallygoers are demanding a ceasefire to the war and Sunday’s marches coincide with a possible agreement between Israel and Hamas to cease hostilities for a five-day period.

US media outlet The Washington Post reports the US-brokered ceasefire would allow both sides to free female and child hostages.

The contest has triggered furious in Australia, with multiple pro-Palestine rallies in all major cities across the country.

Some of the rallies have exhibited anti-Semitic sentiments, including a rally at the Sydney Opera House two days after the Hamas attack.


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