Jewish media outlets worldwide unite against antisemitism

RELIGIONS NEWS AGENCY (REDNA) – Thirty Jewish media outlets around the world have signed an open letter about the current situation in Israel and its impact on Jews, as demonstrations are organised in capital cities and levels of antisemitic attacks rise.

In what’s described as “an historic first”, Jewish News in partnership with the Jerusalem Post brought together 30 outlets in seven countries to say “we’re witnessing raw hatred against Jews in cities across the globe”.

They say the marches have a “chilling impact made worse when people echo and excuse hateful chants”.

Antisemitism is “a deeply ingrained malignancy, perpetually lingering beneath the surface of society,” and until recent days, the extent and intensity of this hatred was tragically underestimated.” Justin Cohen, news editor at Jewish News, who initiated the project, said these are unprecedented times as Jews are targeted globally as never before: “While fear among our readers hasn’t been this profound in living memory, so too we’ve never been so united across borders and political views”.


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