Human and humanity targeted in what happening in Gaza grand prison

“To stop the Israel regime on going oppression and protect the human dignity of Gaza nation, use your authority and spiritual influence. States and nations in the world need to be persuaded by your authority to take measures to pause Israel anti-humanistic attacks.”

In his letter to the United Nation general secretary, Antonia Gutteresh, Hojat-u-Islam Walmuslemin Dr. Seyyed Abulhassan Nawwab, the principal of the religions and denominations university called for Gaza people`s human dignity protection and stop of Israel`s in progress deadly air strikes.

Religions News Agency (REDNA) reported following the Zionist oppressor and occupier regime`s air strikes causing high civilians death toll including women and children in Gaza, the principal of the religions and denominations university asked for the UN influence to unite the world to secure the human dignity of Gaza residents.

The exact text of the letter is as below:

All religions, philosophical systems and moral schools agree in protecting the dignity, sanctity of his life, property and the reputation of a man. The divine faiths have paid more emphasis on dignity of man, as the creation of God, than other heaven systems. God`s spirit is breathed into man. Man is so honored in divine religions that all religions are revealed at the service of him.

Humanity and humans are being targeted rather than Arab races or Muslims by Israel`s air strikes in Gaza that can be described as a grand prison. Gaza`s residents` challenges have put the world`s civilization under question. What people in Gaza are suffering from will distinguish human values from political interests.

We as a big religious and academic complex welcoming your wise pro-Palestinians-in-Gaza stances and praying for a free oppressions Gaza ask your high excellency to use all your authority and spiritual influence to bring world states and nations together to protect the human dignity of Gaza nation as well as to curb the Zionist regime of Israel`s deadly attacks.

Wish you health and continued honor

Seyyed Abulhassan Nawwab

The principal of the religions and denominations university

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