500 Palestinians killed in a hospital explosion in Gaza  

RELIGIONS NEWS AGENCY (REDNA) – An explosion at the Al Ahli Arab Hospital, which is run by the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem, has reportedly killed 500 Palestinians who were sheltering in the courtyard.  

First reports suggested it was caused by an Israeli air strike, but Israel has denied this, blaming a mis-firing rocket from Palestinian Islamic Jihad.

The Episcopalian News Servicev explains that the hospital was founded by the  Church Mission Society in 1882, run as a medical mission by the Southern Baptist Conference from 1954 to 1982, and then returned to the Anglican Church.

Hamas says it was caused by an Israeli air strike, Israel says it was caused by rockets fired by Palestinian Islamic Jihad.

US President Joe Biden is visiting Iarael but a meeting with Arab leaders in Jordan has been cancelled.

One million people have moved from the north of Gaza to the south but the Rafah crossing to Egypt remains closed.

Supplies of food, water, fuel, and electricity have been stopped with the country surviving on nothing as of last night.

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