Following Trump`s criminal charges, fewer white evangelical support him

RELIGIOUS NEWS AGENCY (REDNA) – As Donald Trump prepares to appear at a federal court house in Washington DC today, facing charges related to the uprising on Capitol Hill in January 2021, evangelical leaders are speaking out against him.

83 per cent of white evangelicals voted for him in 2016 but the movement is being challenged to reconsider its support.

Russell Moore, editor of Christianity Today, an evangelical publication started by Billy Graham, said: “I don’t endorse candidates, but I believe Trump to be a unique threat, both to American institutions and to the church’s witness”.

The publisher of Baptist New Global, Mark Wingfield, a journalist and Baptist minister, is astonished at Trump’s continuing support,  believing him to be a liar, con man, crook and evil, someone he considers an anti-Christ: “What in the name of everything righteous and holy is wrong with 30 per cent of Americans?”, he asked.

The Rev Dr. Russell J. Levenson, President George Bush’s pastor for 11 years, has made an impassioned plea for the Republicans to ditch Donald Trump and find a presidential candidate who understands “the importance of grace, morality, decency and dignity”.


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