Efforts made in UK to separate church from state

RELIGIONS NEWS AGENCY (REDNA) – After the recent census in the UK announced less than half of the population in the country is Christians, efforts are being made to separate church from the state.

As “Religion Media Center” reported The National Secular Society says it is ridiculous that the Church of England continues as an established church in a society where less than half the population is Christian.

It says” the privileged position the church holds within the UK state undermines equality, democracy and fairness for all”.

It cited 26 bishops in the Lords, the monarch’s position as head of the Church of England, prayers in parliament and influence in schools.

It says: “We’re now a largely irreligious and religiously diverse country.”

The case for separation of church and state has never been stronger”.

It is urging people to write to their MP, tweet support and join their organization.

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